How it all started....

I have wanted to travel since I was 15 years old. But in my country, Peru, teenagers arenít allowed to travel alone. For my first trip outside of my own land, I traveled by myself because always I am curious to discover new destinations in every corner of my country and parts of Bolivia. While I was studying, I escaped from a few classes because my backpack was always ready for a new adventure. However, the adventures were all different because of the climate and weather changes as a result of the diverse geography in South America.

I feel like a Butterfly migrating, embarking on adventures without an ending. Many years before I decided to build my own travel business, I visited places to enjoy and know more about what makes South America attractive to visit, especially the southern Peruvian Amazon city of Puerto Maldonado, the capital of biodiversity of Peru and the world, the place where I am originally from.

Next, I worked for several agencies as a local guide in the amazing jungle of Peru. But in 2008, after finishing a course in German language in Cusco, I traveled to Bolivia by bus, a trip which lasted many hours, sleeping and discovering different amazing places. I realized that there were so many more places for me to explorer and discover.

Our continent is so rich in flora and fauna! I was incredibly surprised that I had lived in Peru all my life but I had never seen a Condor. The day I saw one, in the desert in Bolivia, I was so happy. Then suddenly the idea came in my head to share these experiences with tourists from all over the world. I had the chance to see a condor and everybody should have it too.

But I donít want to forget what those people from different countries tell me almost all the time: why donít you build your own business in something you really love— adventure and travel. It wasnít possible to begin until I found my partner. But finally I built Blue Butterfly Adventures, which it is a small business travel agency for people who really want authentic contact with local people, nature and wildlife.


Thank you for the excellent time here. It was the perfect way to end our trip in Peru.
Keep on the good job you guys are doing and see you next time.

Paul & Mirela, Romania. June 2015

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Still one day left but we absolutely love it here! So incredible to see so many different species! A great place for biodiversity and eco-tourism – would recommend to everyone. Two thumbs up!!

Kate & Simon Harvey, Canada, June 2015

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Marco made the jungle fun and exciting.
The most unique and exhillerating experience ever.
The highlight of this trip was seeing the endangered Giant Otters.

Russell and Andrew Davis, June 2014

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Marcos did a fantastic job guiding us in the jungle! His English was excellent, he was very knowledgable about the flora and fauna. He was professional, caring and informative. We were so thankful that he was our guide!

Karen & Jens Nielsen 6-6-2014

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By Marco this visit to the Amazone has become unforgettable to us. Would you like to use his services than we will recommend him for sure. On the picture you will see Marco in a lodge to join us in a giant otters.

Peter en Marian Schijfs (from Holland)

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During the day you can also see, parrots, monkeys, snakes, birds…. be aware, that you’re not in a zoo, this means you can have luck and see a lot of animals and sometimes you’re not.
It was an amazing trip in the jungle, I really can recommend Marco as a tourgide. He’s reliable and makes good tours!

Natascha (from ZŁrich, Switzerland)

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