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Butterfly Amazon Jungle adventure 4 days

The Amazon jungle is one of the richest biodiverse areas of the world. It is named after the Amazon river, with arms reaching into six countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. Here you will find thousands of species of insects, birds and monkeys, like the giant bee and macaws (ara’s). You will also find the world’s biggest mammal, the Capybara and the world’s longest (water) snake, the Anaconda…

In the 4-day Butterfly Jungle adventure you will stay in a comfortable lodge with fresh local food. You will walk in the National Reserve surrounded by many species of birds and monkeys. You will spot parrots feeding off of clay lick at sunrise and enjoy swimming or fishing in a real jungle lake.

NOTE: Optional activity? You can also visit a jungle farm and pick local fruits…

At a Glance:

  • Parrot Clay Lick & caiman boat trip
  • Oxbow Lake with fishing (piranha’s) or swimming
  • Visit National Reserve Tambopata
  • Optional visit to jungle farm

Itinerary / Day-to-day:

Day 1: Puerto Maldonado – Amazon lodge
Flight to the Puerto Maldonado in the Southern Amazon jungle. From the airport we go to the office and drive 1 hour. Then we take the boat for 1.5 hour on the Tambopata river. On the way we may spot wildlife. We arrive at the lodge and have a tropical welcome drink. In the evening we will take our first night walk in the jungle, using flashlights to spot insects, spiders and other night-animals in the forest. After that we’ll enjoy a good welcome dinner and well-needed good sleep.

Day 2: Parrot Clay Lick & Oxbow lake & Jungle farm trip
We get up early to visit the ‘Collpita’, only 10 minutes by boat from the lodge. Here we will appreciate the activities of the parrots feeding off the mud, which contains sodium and other minerals they need. Back in the lodge we will have a breakfast. Then we leave for a visit to the Oxbow lake, where we can have a swim and fish piranha’s. If we are lucky, we may observe giant river otters, one of the world’s unique bigger species. We return to the lodge for lunch.

After lunch it is possible to make an optional walk. Back for a good diner and good nightsleep

Day 3: National Reserve Tambopata & Caiman boat trip
Today we will take a walk in the National Reserve, a protected nature area where we can spot many species of birds and monkeys and maybe even a snake or the ever elusive jaguar. We will drink something hot, then leave by boat and take our breakfast on the boat. We return to the lodge for a good lunch.

The afternoon is for you to relax in or around the lodge, enjoying the sounds of the jungle birds and the howler monkeys all around you. You can have a tropical drink and take a rest in the hammocks. If you still have energy in the afternoon, you can do an optional walk around the lodge. Enjoy a nice dinner. In the evening, a night tour by boat on the river, to spot Capybara’s and Caimans!

Day 4 Return to Puerto Maldonado to continue your adventure by bus or flight.

Indication Price USD $370
What`s included: transportation, lodge, food, entrances, guiding service


Thank you for the excellent time here. It was the perfect way to end our trip in Peru.
Keep on the good job you guys are doing and see you next time.

Paul & Mirela, Romania. June 2015

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Still one day left but we absolutely love it here! So incredible to see so many different species! A great place for biodiversity and eco-tourism – would recommend to everyone. Two thumbs up!!

Kate & Simon Harvey, Canada, June 2015

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Marco made the jungle fun and exciting.
The most unique and exhillerating experience ever.
The highlight of this trip was seeing the endangered Giant Otters.

Russell and Andrew Davis, June 2014

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Marcos did a fantastic job guiding us in the jungle! His English was excellent, he was very knowledgable about the flora and fauna. He was professional, caring and informative. We were so thankful that he was our guide!

Karen & Jens Nielsen 6-6-2014

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By Marco this visit to the Amazone has become unforgettable to us. Would you like to use his services than we will recommend him for sure. On the picture you will see Marco in a lodge to join us in a giant otters.

Peter en Marian Schijfs (from Holland)

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During the day you can also see, parrots, monkeys, snakes, birds…. be aware, that you’re not in a zoo, this means you can have luck and see a lot of animals and sometimes you’re not.
It was an amazing trip in the jungle, I really can recommend Marco as a tourgide. He’s reliable and makes good tours!

Natascha (from Zürich, Switzerland)

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