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Lake Titicaca stayover with local family at Amantani Island 2 days

High atop the beautiful, windswept altiplano of Southern Peru lies the expansive and enigmatic Lake Titicaca. It is the highest navigable lake in the world and the largest in South America. The lake splits its territory between nations, with 60% of its waters belonging to Peru and 40% to Bolivia.

In this trip you explore Lake Titicaca, visiting the descendants of the Uros Indians, who live on islands of floating reeds and produce some fine textiles. Though the altitude here at 3850 meters (12631.23 feet) can be tiring, the air is very clear and the lakeside views are magnificent, with the snow-capped peaks of the Andes towering in the background. You spend the night on Amantani Island where you experience a homestay with the local villagers. This really allows you to see what life is like for the people in an isolated island community. Don`t forget to buy some of the refined hand knitted chullo`s.

Puno and Lake Titicaca
Although far less traveled than the well-touristed Machu Picchu, there are many reasons you should visit the Puno region of Peru. Whether it`s attending the colorful and lively festivals of Puno, marveling at the unique beauty of the floating islands of the Uros people or enjoying the unique experience of a home stay on the Isla Amantani or Isla Taquile.

It is very attractive and unique to stay the night with one of the local families. Accommodations are simple and this method of visiting will give you the opportunity to connect with the people of the island. And enjoy their cuisine all while supporting their centuries old way of life.

At a Glance

  • Visit Uros floating Islands
  • Boat tour on Titicaca lake to Amantani Island, native homestay with a local family
  • Visit Taquile Island
  • Start and end in Puno city*

Itinerary/ Day-to-day:

Day 1
Arrive by bus in Puno and sleep in hotel

Day 2
The next morning get up early to make a boattrip on the famous Titicaca lake, the highest situated sweet-water lake in the world, 3800 meter above sea level. You will first visit the famous floating Uros islands, made of reed and inhabited by Quecha people. After this visit the boat will continue 4,5 hours to Amantani Island. Here you will sleep in the house of a local family, sharing their life. Women cook traditional meals on wood-fires and sell handmade textiles. You can make a walk over the island and enjoy the rustic way of living. After diner with your guest family, mostly a musical evening can be attended in one of the local houses. And then enjoy a good sleep… be prepared for cold nights and woolen blankets!

Day 3
You start the day with a traditional breakfast with your guest family. When saying goodbye, you might consider buying some of their colourful handmade chullo’s (hats) or gloves. Then you return by boat to Puno, on the way visiting Taquile island, famous for its textiles. A beautiful walk over the island and a seafood-lunch in a local restaurant can make this visit memorable. After that the boat continues to Puno (3,5 hours) to Puno, where you arrive in your hotel end of the afternoon. Overnight sleep in this hotel and the next day continue your adventure…

Price: USD 70
Including: transport from Puno and back, homestay, food and drinks, guiding

NOTE: About Amantani and Taquile Island…
Isla Amantani is about a 4.5 hour boat ride from Puno and 2 hours from Taquile island. The island is home to about 800 families, mostly farmers and fisherman who go about their traditional ways. Due to its distance from Puno, Amantani sees less visitors than the other islands. Consequently it has a more remote, rustic feel about it, and it is less influenced by tourism. Nonetheless, they are used to hosting foreigners and there is still a staged evening event for tourists but it is generally a small scale family oriented affair. Visitors to the island can spend the day hiking and sightseeing around the island.

Isla Taquile is another of Lake Titicaca’s 45 islands (excluding, of course, the floating islands, or Islas Flotanes). With a population of less than 3,000, it presents a perfect opportunity to witness life in rural Peru. Only 7 square kilometers in area, this small island sits just 35 kilometers from the main lake port of Puno. It is divided into six communities, each with their own mayor.

The people of Taquile have maintained a lifestyle that is remarkably detached from modern amenities and demonstrate a remarkably strong sense of group identity. Rarely do they marry non-Taquile individuals. Red and white caps distinguish unmarried men while married men wear red ones. Unmarried women are likewise distinguished by the multi-colored pompoms that adorn their clothes while married women wear red ones.

Residents of the island speak Quechua, although the children learn to speak Spanish in school. They live by the simple philosophy of do not steal, do not be idle, and do not lie. The fact that no police force exists on the island is a testimony to their integrity and way of life. Religion is an important part of culture on the island, as 80% of residents are Catholic.

With no horses, llamas, or cars it is not uncommon to see individuals of all ages carrying heavy loads of water or food up the numerous stairs that are prevalent all over the island. Most families live in mud-brick homes with no electricity, though some families have solar power.


Thank you for the excellent time here. It was the perfect way to end our trip in Peru.
Keep on the good job you guys are doing and see you next time.

Paul & Mirela, Romania. June 2015

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Still one day left but we absolutely love it here! So incredible to see so many different species! A great place for biodiversity and eco-tourism – would recommend to everyone. Two thumbs up!!

Kate & Simon Harvey, Canada, June 2015

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Marco made the jungle fun and exciting.
The most unique and exhillerating experience ever.
The highlight of this trip was seeing the endangered Giant Otters.

Russell and Andrew Davis, June 2014

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Marcos did a fantastic job guiding us in the jungle! His English was excellent, he was very knowledgable about the flora and fauna. He was professional, caring and informative. We were so thankful that he was our guide!

Karen & Jens Nielsen 6-6-2014

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By Marco this visit to the Amazone has become unforgettable to us. Would you like to use his services than we will recommend him for sure. On the picture you will see Marco in a lodge to join us in a giant otters.

Peter en Marian Schijfs (from Holland)

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During the day you can also see, parrots, monkeys, snakes, birds…. be aware, that you’re not in a zoo, this means you can have luck and see a lot of animals and sometimes you’re not.
It was an amazing trip in the jungle, I really can recommend Marco as a tourgide. He’s reliable and makes good tours!

Natascha (from Zürich, Switzerland)

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